Project Showcase - Chatswood

Job at Hand

We were called to change a failing retaining wall and pour a concrete driveway for this newly bought home of a customer we did some work for a few years prior.

After meeting again at the site there were a few issues the homeowner was having with the existing state of the front yard which was a narrow staircase and a ramp to the front door. As a returning customer who loved what we did for her landscape to the previous house, she stated she would like us to do what we think as we know the issues and she trusts us, giving us the budget, we worked to it and evolved the front yard.

There was an existing retaining wall that was constructed of brick, we were to construct the new wall out of sandstone laid in broken course pattern. The new paths and stairs to all be travertine and add a new semi-frameless balustrade to give a more modern appearance. The driveway was poured in a charcoal colour with a little extra width to what was initially there along with a drainage grate through the driveway.

 The homeowner liked the look of most plants already existing and after a declutter a few extra low growing low maintenance plants were added as they did not have time for any gardening due to busy work schedules. There were pre-existing gaps in the front privacy camellia hedge so a few more were planted along with a few more along the front boundary behind our retaining wall.  A few garden lights were also added. A lovely light-coloured cypress mulch was added to finish all gardens.


This project was in a narrow populated street which meant it wasn’t guaranteed we could park in front of the site, we had much material coming out from excavation to prepare driveway, retaining walls, and even the failing retaining wall itself so we had to prioritise car parks.  We had to coordinate deliveries at less busy times which we learned as the day would go on more spaces to park where available.

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