Project Showcase - Newport

Job at Hand

Sandstone retaining walls. We were called to this site from a landscaper friend of ours only to complete the sandstone works. The site was already prepared for us to come in and start laying. This job was 75m2 of ballast broken coursed sandstone retaining walls in Total. 

The back required two-tiered retaining walls of 1.6m in height each tier. Once this was complete the homeowners loved it so much we were called back to construct a huge wall out the front to a maximum 3m in height. We also constructed a sandstone staircase leading to the front entrance of the house. 


A steep shared driveway which resulted in bringing materials as needed rather than having all on-site ready to go. Building a good relationship with the neighbors allowing us to have our cars in the driveway when possible. Scaffolding was not able to be set up as it would have restricted the use of the driveway so more labor was required to keep the job moving.

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