Are you looking for the perfect tree for your backyard? We have put together a list of 5 common trees to spruce up your garden!

Finding an ideal tree for small patios is not that difficult; there will always be an option to look for the correct species that suit your needs and tastes. However, as much as miniature trees exist, there are certain limits and considerations that you should take.

Trees are an essential part of any garden. We can enjoy its beautiful flowers in spring, protect ourselves from the sun in summer, taste -in many cases- its fruits in Autumn, and marvel at the elegance of its trunk and branches in winter.

Many trees are undoubtedly hardy, and although the most popular ones generally depend a lot on where you live, since a frigid climate, a scorching one, or even one that lacks seasons because it is tropical, it dramatically reduces the options of trees to choose from. However, the following are the top 5 feature tree that is perfect for your North Shore, Western Sydney or Hills District home.

1. Acer Palmatum Senkaki

Feature tree idea for your backyard or garden - Acer Palmatum Senkaki

One of the essential softscape landscape trees is Acer Palmatum Senkaki. This tree has all the traits, fine delicate foliage, Japanese Maple, or even bold Autumn. Meanwhile, this feature tree has stunning bright red bark on its streams. Even in winter, this tree is considered the most demanding tree that is easily found in commercial landscaping.

2. Pyrus Chanticleer

Feature tree idea for your backyard or garden - Pyrus Chanticleer

It is an outstanding feature tree that is bold enough to hold its specimen or works well. Pyrus Chanticleer has classic style and perfectly proportioned, like a perfect star for Australian landscapers. This tree has a different effect in every season, such as in spring it has white blossoms. On the other hand, in summer, the dense foliage is glossy green and bright.

3. Gleditsia Sunburst

Feature tree idea for your backyard or garden - Gleditsia Sunburst

You never find it more pleasing than the shining dappled light because of the canopy glowing tree. In summer, its feathery foliage turns to verdant green, whereas in spring, it grows in zesty yellow. Finally, in Autumn, it turns to a vibrant shade of gold that seems like the best tree for western Sydney landscaping.

4. Cercis Forest Pansy

Feature tree idea for your backyard or garden - Cercis Forest Pansy

This small feature tree is suitable for northern beaches landscapes. Quickly, it becomes the most demanding tree because of its stunning color or compact size. Its bright pink flower has the feature to cover clusters of branches during early spring. However, its heart-shaped leaves are rich in purple that turn into red in Autumn. As a result, it brings more changes in the smallest spaces.

5. Jacaranda Mimosifolia

Feature tree idea for your backyard or garden - Jacaranda Mimosifolia

To bring effectiveness in landscape design, Sydney considers this feature tree because of its combining bold flower and feature delicate foliage that is loved by generations. Its broad-reaching branches are covered in feathery foliage because it stands out in any landscape.

Final Thoughts.

The above are our top 5 feature trees that are perfect to make your garden come alive! If you are in the market and possibly looking for landscaping with pine trees, landscaping design inspiration in Sydney, or find yourself after a “landscape architect near me”, we are always here to provide our professional advice and recommendations. We believe a beautiful garden creates your home, so when you are in need of landscaping services in Sydney, get in touch with us at Accentuate Landscapes. 

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