A quick and easy checklist to keep in mind when searching for your structural landscaper!

Perhaps you have purchased and working on an investment property? Or designing and building your ideal home? Finding the perfect team or individual can be difficult – so we have put together a list of services and experiences you should look for in a professional. Finding that suitable match for your structural landscaping needs can make all the difference.

But first… what does a structural landscaper contractor do?

This usually depends on the size of the business, their resources, and their years of experience. A small and independent business might concentrate on small projects like pathways, timber frames, and decks – along with generic landscaping services like managing and maintaining your garden, assist with planting or installing lawn drainage and sprinkler systems. Larger structural businesses focus on the construction of external landscape features, and non-habitable structures. However if asked, most companies will perform soft-scape landscaping if required.

Checklist and Projects

When undergoing domestic building work, the professional must provide an understanding of the wide range of landscaping elements. Landscaping services for homes are normally combined with designing, planning, constructing, and installing of various external features of the landscape. So ensure they can provide the service you need, and not settle for their capabilities. Some of these external features include:

  • Decks, driveways, and paths
  • Walls retaining gates or fencing
  • Water ponds and features
  • Stairs or ramps
  • Pergolas, cabanas, or gazebos


Experience and expertise are important when selecting your structural landscaper. All residential landscaping services and commercial landscaping services require the landscaper to meet the safety regulations, while completing the job at hand. Below is a checklist of requirements you should expect from your structural landscaper.

• Able to build retained walls
• Natural flora and features protection.
• Have knowledge when to include other specialists of building
• For installation of features of water have knowledge about hydraulics
• Develop features of landscape by using different forms of material that includes brick, stone concrete and timber etc.
• Have ability to apply irrigation, lightening and drainage.
• Have information about licenced trades and about tasks they perform
• Have knowledge of choosing the correct materials that proves to be suitable for the project.
• Have knowledge about right finishing’s
• Identify and apply right structures to waterproofing, retaining walls and water features.

Final Thoughts.

The above is our recommendation and tips to keep in mind when your looking for a structural landscaper. If you are in the market and possibly looking for decking, retaining walls, concreting, or searching a “landscaper near me”, we at Accentuate provide all structural and soft-scape landscaping to create your dream space. We love to provide our professional advice and recommendations, so when you need landscaping services in Sydney, get in touch with us at Accentuate Landscapes. 

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