Considering a retaining wall? Let us help guide you towards the right choice for your backyard.

Retaining walls and feature walls are a fantastic way to decorate your backyard. In addition, they offer the homeowner the opportunity to level out a sloping or uneven yard, creating a space for endless possibilities. Once a feature wall has been built, it is common for a homeowner like yourself to want more. This may include, decking, a pergola, concreting an area, or constructing garden beds.

A well-designed structure will change the look and feel of your backyard, but before you reach for your shovel and wheelbarrow, landscaping walls require planning and designing. Think about it, soil can be heavy, especially when wet. Therefore, you can imagine the weight and pressure that your landscaped wall will be supporting. On that note, this is why you should contact a landscaping professional, who has experience in constructing walls, and all other structural landscaping services.

Things you should consider when building a retaining wall

  • Consider the size
  • Functionality and appearance
  • The base should be strong
  • Consider drainage
  • The land should be correctly leveled
  • Backfilling for extra support
  • Add finishing touches

So, let’s take a look at some tips for forming landscaping walls so that your home or workspace is constructed safely.

Select the right material

Constructing a wall requires the right materials, generally, you can select from – timber, concrete, stone, bricks, or building blocks. If you are completing this job yourself, we would recommend the building blocks. They are convenient, durable, simple to install, and readily available at local suppliers like bunnings

Prioritise a good foundation

You can tackle your foundations by digging the trench slightly wider than the wall, and backfill with stone or concrete. Remember, it’s essential your foundation is flat and level, as the discrepancies will show as the wall gets higher.

Prepare for the rain

The last thing you need is your beautiful newly landscaped backyard flooding, so ensure draining is among the priorities when building the wall. There is no doubt that heavy rains can occur in all Sydney surrounding suburbs, so as a homeowner you need to be prepared for this. If you don’t know where to start, consult your local landscaper for ideas and recommendations.

Backfill Property

Backfill the drainage system and wall with your choice of material, we reccomend sand. It will ensure any extra water drains down directly to the pipe. Lastly, for the finsishing touch, fill up the remaining space with fresh soil.

Landscaping Services

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